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Trendy Pretty Nail Ideas for Holiday Season

When it comes to pretty nails art ideas for seasons , you come to understand that, trendy shades and patterns vary from season to season. If, during summer it is all about flowers and bright shades, when it comes to winter – snowflakes and winter themes combined with dark shades take the place.It might make you confuse or overwhelmed so we have short listed pretty seasonal nail designs here and you are more than welcome to have a look!

Marble stone patterns are quite popular these days. That is why we suggest you take your regular nude manicure to the next level with such a cute and stylish accent.

Demi Lovato


A new fiance, new nails, and a new song – 2020's really coming up Demi. The singer showed off a butterfly-covered French manicure on IG Stories that's got me itching for the nail salon. In the caption, she shared that it was inspired by a song she's currently working on. "Guys I'm writing a song called butterfly rn," she wrote.

Kylie Jenner

These nails are a work of ART! Queen of extra nail designs, Kylie Jenner, is out here rocking Instagram's favorite 2020 nail trend: mismatched nails. She went abstract on all ten fingers for a super funky look that low-key belongs in a museum.



Nude Nails With Exquisite Glitter Accent

Nude nails are classic but even classy manicure needs an upgrade, and we have one in mind. Glitter accent nail and a tiny glitter pattern added to your neutral nails will make great season nails art ideas no matter the season outside!

Glitter Season Nails

Glitter is something that almost all the women around the world are in love with. That is why it is time for you you learn how to introduce glitter into your season nails art ideas when Christmas is near.


Warm Brown Nails With Glitter 

Brown hues scream autumn, that is the fact. However, you can always make your brown nails look a little more stylish and merrier, all you need to do is to add some sparkle to your season nails art ideas manicure!

Leafy Accent Nails

Are you tired of your simple gold glitter on your nails? Then how about designing them with orange leaves that symbolize the season of fall? A trendy and fun look, it will be! If you want to completely embrace the fall or autumn, then you should go with the leafy accent. That is one of the best fall leaf design in 2020.


Fall Brown Nails
You don’t need a lot of color for the season of fall. The brown nails will give you a complete, simple, but elegant look for the autumn. A light brown color will do the trick, and embed some leaves, flowers or plants for added simple yet aesthetic look.

Olive Green and Gold Nails

Surely gold nails during the fall is a great thing to have, but if you want to kick it up a notch, then why not adding the fun color of olive green? Olive green nails smeared with a golden color is a blast to have during the fall. A unique and classy look to have!

Sparkly Nails

When it comes to glamorous yet easy nail art, shimmering cute nail design ideas never disappoint! Sparkling nail polishes are great for creating amazing nails designs. Be it gold or sparkling emerald hue, shimmery nail art and fashion nails never goes out of trend. One of the easy nail designs, this nail art gives you the perfect glamorous look.

Pressed Flowers Nails

Nothing screams vintage better than pressed wildflowers on your nails. The ’90s trend is back and now, all you have to do is place the flowers on your nails and secure them with your top coat to get pretty nails this season. Pressed flower nail art provides you the new style nails to get the perfect nail makeover.

Floral Nail Designs


If you are looking for easy nail designs, floral nail art can be for you. Talking of flowers, how can we forget floral prints? Lavender prints make for very cute designs for nails and are totally spring appropriate.

Go for a pale, light purple base and then go with the lavender pattern on your finger tips. Voila! Your cute nail art is ready! You can also try it with other flower designs like roses and sunflowers to get pretty nails.

Amazing and very feminine manicure, which will be suitable for special occasions and for more designs and cool ideas keep visiting us. 

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