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How to Apply Nail Wraps | Nail Wraps Tips and Tricks

First of all wash hands with soap or hand wash with water and dry properly.
Push back your cuticles and wipe down each nail with the provided alcohol wipe and let dry.

Remove the nail wraps from the foil package.

Choose the right size nail wrap for your nail.

Remove the clear plastic cover on top of the nail wrap.

Peel the nail wrap from the paper backing.

Stick the nail wrap on your nail.

Press and slowly smooth the nail wrap accurately into place. Be sure to smoothly out any bubbles.

File off the excess in a downward motion.

Apply a top coat.

Bonus Tip
Apply the nail wraps little bit above your cuticle line. I suggest to choose a size slightly smaller than your entire nail bed to avoid the wrap sticking to your skin and cuticles. If the wrap overlaps your skin or cuticles, it can cause lifting

Some useful tips and tricks for nail wraps

Here are of most common and useful tips on how to apply and remove nail wraps. We will keep you updated with latest updates.

Applying a top coat after application can increase the life of your nail wraps and they will shine longer.

If you try to use sunscreen, apply a top coat to keep its safe the nail wraps from the active ingredients which can tarnish the top layer.

Make sure to avoid water and lotions for a few hours after application to allow the sticking to set.

Always apply the wraps below the cuticle, never overlapping the skin.

Apply nail wraps on each finger of one hand before filing, this will help to get good and long term results.

For best results, apply the nail wraps before going to bed, to allow the wraps to stick fast and firm overnight.

Applying a base coat prior to application can help the nail wrap stick to your nail because it builds a smooth, oil free surface to adhere to.

Make sure the base coat is dry prior to applying the nail wraps.

If using a top coat, avoid "quick dry" and "gel setter" top coat products, as they dry too quickly and lift the nail wrap from your nails.

If you have short nails, using something like a file to remove the excess nail wrap would be difficult. In that case, use nail clippers to clip the nail wrap above the tip of your nail carefully, and then file the remaining excess to smooth the wrap along the edge of your nail.

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