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How to apply jamberry nail wraps | jamberry nail wraps tips

Nails are significant  part of our body. They assist in grabbing, holding, scratching, etc. These are not just part, it has also been grown and cared for a long time. Manicures and pedicures, filing, cutting, cuticle caring, etc nails have been kept on the priority list.

Nail art is another method that was introduced. Jamberry nail is a type of nail art for people who do not have time to present themselves before the technicians in a nail parlour.

Jamberry nails are a set of a solid film that covers the nails. These films have a unique pattern providing customers with a new look for their nails in less time.

Benefits of using Jamberry nails

They are chemical-free, toxin-free and do not contain Gluten or Formaldehyde, thus they are safe to be used on natural nails.

It can be applied to artificial nails with ease.

Time-efficient and cost-effective: Nail art treatment requires more money than Jamberry nails. 

It gives a professional look to the nails and lasts for a longer time than traditional nail polishes.

They do not require clipping or drying and are easy to remove.

The only method to apply Jamberry nail onto your nails is by the application of heat. The heating source can vary from a hairdryer, mini rice bag, car heater, and hot cloth or Jamberry mini heater. So, how to apply Jamberry nails, here’s how it is done.

The required equipment for applying the Jamberry nails should be gathered to avoid breaking the link in between the process. The requirements include –
nail polish remover, cuticle cutter, nail clipper, nail filer, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, nail cutting scissors, heating source, nail Scrub, moisturizer, orange stick, jamberry wraps.

After matching your nail to the nail wrap that best fits, cut it in half and use the other half for your second hand – same nail. It’s a very simple tip but many people forget and just use the whole wrap for one nail. Used properly, each sheet has enough wraps for 2 full set manicures and 1-2 pedicures.

After heating, place the wrap onto the fingernail; slightly push the wrap onto the nails. Heat the wrap for a few seconds by placing the fingernail before the heating source for 10 – 15 seconds.

Avoid touching the sticky surface of the nail wrap when separating them from the sheet and when warning them up. Oily residue on your fingers can affect the adhesive layer and the nail wraps won’t attach properly. Use an orange stick or a pencil to pick up and warm the wrap.

Like any manicure, rushing isn’t the best approach. Take your time, focus when applying the wraps and smoothing them out around the edges. If it doesn’t attached well first time, re-do it. This is essential, if not attached properly they may not last as long as intended.

If you like to give it a glossy finish or if you hate to give it a glossy look, make sure you apply a top coat of transparent nail polish (matte finish or a gloss finish).

Tips on how to apply Jamberry nails
Use alcohol wipes to wipe the nails before applying the nails. If you do not have one, make sure to clean it with nail polish remover, wash your hands with soap and dry them with a towel.

Make sure the cuticles are properly removed.
Apply a very thin layer of nail polish if you doubt damaging your nails. Make sure it is not too thick.

Heat the wraps before applying it to your nails.
Jamberry Nails do require some sort of heat in order for the adhesive to work properly.

Shape your nails with a nail file, push back your cuticles and then rub each nail down with alcohol to be sure they are free and clear of any oils. Having clean nails is one very important step so don't skip it!

Fix the wrinkles and bubbles that come after applying the wraps. Heat the nail and push it slightly to remove the wrinkles and bubbles.
Let it cool properly.

Final Verdict
Keeping your nails healthy is a mark of good hygiene. Nail wraps are not that important as keeping your nails healthy are.
With proper care and pampering routine at least 2 times a month can lead to a healthy nail and healthy nails ultimately lead to healthy living.

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